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Imagine you could get brand new products half the price of the same product in your local stores? Well that's what Homeware Discounts was set up to do for you. Your favourite homeware brands and other unexpected home treats at prices you won't find anywhere else.

One area we specialise in, is sourcing refurbished and returned items from major brands. These items are usually brand new and have simply been returned by customers who ordered the wrong product. As the boxes have already been opened the big brand then can't sell the item 'as new' and the item ends up clogging up the warehouse.

We take this stock and offer it to you for a major discount. (I mean who minds a scuffed box, when the product inside is perfect?)

We also sell new products too and offer great discounts. We'll always aim to be the best price online for new items too, so whether it's new or refurb homeware you're looking for this is the page to bookmark. 

Homeware Discounts was set up by Mark Brown, who also runs the Editors Keys and StudioSeries brands. Mark and his businesses have been nominated for over 12 business awards, from 'Best Social Media Campaign' 'Best eCommerce Website' and 'International business of the year', so you're in good hands.

Customer service is number one here, so if you have any questions, any time of day please get in touch. All emails are answered by real humans, (I know, it's rare these days!) and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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