This Season's Top Trends for Home Decor 2016

Boho Baby

Whether it’s Indian/ Tribal/ Boheme prints, it’s very apparent that the bohemian vibe is making a comeback! From wood, metal, green plants this trend is very stylish yet chilled. One thing to remember when attempting to decorate your room like this is that things don’t have to match. Yes, mix and match are essential to this vibe, so take it easy and get decorating like the boho baby you were destined to be!

Let’s take a look at how you can add that boho vibe to your home!

Losing your marbles about Marble!

Who would have thought that the Ancient Greeks would have predicted their fascination with this rock would be one of the most sought after trends for home decor! So why is everyone going crazy for it?

Apparently, the key to using marble’s rich texture in design is subtlety, the phrase ‘less is more’ is very important to this theme as OTT can look crazy!

See below how others have made the marble effect work for them!

Warm Metals

Associating the words metal and warm together is a bit crazy we must say, but it is a trend and it is coming to a home near you! Most popular in the bathroom and kitchen space, brass, rose gold and copper will lead the way according to London-based Gemma Gordon-Duff of Gordon & Linton who says pairing them with raw natural materials such as marble and wood will go down a treat and look fantastic!

Take a look below at some example of how you can make your home look extra cool with warm metals

That 70’s Show

Whilst 2016 has seen the 70’s storm back into power in the fashion world, it has also been getting it’s fair share in the home decor world too. The colours that really make that 70’s vibe work are browns, oranges and tans. Even adding OTT patterns to the walls will really give that groovy 70’s vibe you want. See below some great examples of how you can create that 70’s theme!

Black and White Contemporary

Monochrome has always been a favourite for many people, the simple yet classic elements of black and white has become a staple in many people's homes. As this trend never dates it is the perfect go-to theme for those who are unsure about what decor to run with! Many will ask the question as to what to put in black and white? Well, a common partnership is that of glass, so that could be a glass top table, glass shelves or even a glass bookcase! The contrast is fantastic.

Take a peek below at some great black and white inspo for your home!

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